Volstrukt^INSIDER Program

Become a part of Volstrukt's partner network to build your business with #volstruktinside

Preferred Contractors

We keep a list of preferred contractors for customers.

Join our Preferred Network to get access to leads for value-add products and services like trailers, tiny house builds, etc.

Reseller Network

Volstrukt is always expanding its reseller network.

You can stock or dropship our products to compliment your existing line or build a business around our brand.

Incentivized pricing and marketing support to re-sell, value-add and re-brand Volstrukt's custom and catalogue range.

OEM Manufacturers

Want to have Volstrukt steel frames inside your product? 

If you want to integrate our products into your existing product line, we have a partner program for you.

Capitalize on the world's most advanced cold form steel technology by having Volstrukt in your product supply chain.

Real Estate Developers

Want to learn more about the small home movement?

We have decades of high-level experience working with developers across the world.

 Architectural Plans

We offer designer floor plans.

We now have a Design Collaboration program where we will buy architectural plans from you to use in a customer's build.

Affiliates and Influencers

We need you to spread the word.

We now have an affiliate program to incentivize our past customers and social influencers to spread the #volstruktinside message.

A pay-per-sale model for evangelists and marketers to support Volstrukt's promotion and lead generation activities.

Want to learn about the opportunity to partner with Volstrukt?

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Volstrukt uses the world's most advanced cold form steel framing technology to design and build structural framing for mobile, reusable and reconfigurable built spaces.

Our 'tiny shops to tiny houses' story talks to our desire to solve the emerging demand for agile property with technology, and our role in the formative stages of the tiny house movement which from the outset saw the future growth and sophistication needed to sustain the long term shift to small format housing solutions.

Today, we are focussing on our strengths and leveraging the power of businesses and people who bring their own capabilities, passion and story to create a partner network to meet customer demand for tiny and modular residential, retail and commercial space.

Dealer pricing

Product training

Lead sharing

Own brand ranging

Design development

We want to work with like-minded businesses and evangelists in the tiny and modular housing and retail space who will do better with #volstruktinside their product offerings.

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