Steel Frame Kits for Public Works

Our steel framing solution produces frame kits with exact tolerances, which allows for:

  • Single day erection in most cases
    • Keep this part of the building process fast and effortless
  • Most able-bodied/sighted people can assist in setup
    • Your workforce base can be broader and the team much smaller, especially in remote areas.
  • No guesswork or special orders
    • All sheathing and siding can be ordered pre-cut to exact spec to eliminate variables
  • No waste
    • No timber scraps to dispose of onsite
  • No onsite framing adjustments
    • The pre-assembled panels come pre-cut and ready for erection
  • Fewer tools needed
    • Impact driver, power drill, a ladder or scaffolds, and a square.
  • No inclement weather delays
    • The single-day steel construction is not just fast, it also assists where inclement weather might stop a wood construction effort.
  • Easier large-scale maintenance
    • No need to re-measure or special-fabricate each building for upgrades or repairs
  • Aesthetically pleasing
    • No more single-wide manufactured trailers


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