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The tiny home movement is challenging and evolving conventional house building. Movement and Modularity. Lateral Thinking and New Solutions.  Our lightweight engineered frames respond to the needs of tiny home builders, resellers and owner-occupiers.


Today's retail property demands agile and responsive space.  Our retailability systems blend twenty years of experience with an expertise in lightweight steel technology. 

Movable Shops

Turning Tiny is a collection of stories from some of the most renowned tiny house thought leaders and luminaries.  Over sixty celebrants and leaders of the Tiny House Movement have come together to embody the spirit of human scale living in one amazing book. 


Writing the book on tiny houses
5,000 shops opened across four continents

At Vindico, the promise is simple: to get retail shops open and earning.  On time, in less time, with better trading up-time. Working with retail developers and brands around the world gives Vindico the insights that drives the development, and use, of Volstrukt's retail property products.

Retailability Systems.


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I have really been pleased that I switched to metal framing versus wood. There are a lot of benefits, the biggest one being weight on a tiny house. It was good to work with Marc and Jayson, using the engineer on finalizing structure. Especially, since I had designed something that they hadn't attempted yet. Everyone who has seen my framing is amazed and many people are thinking of switching to metal framing from wood. I have nothing but great things to say about Volstrukt!

Carson Tatlis, Tiny Homer

I ended up traveling to Austin TX and meeting the Volstrukt team to work with them on my design. Marc McQuain and Jayson Laipenieks were really welcoming and thorough when describing the process of manufacturing steel framing. They were passionate about their product, and spent extensive time with me finalizing my design. Marc and Jayson feel connected to the tiny house movement and want to offer framing with structural integrity. These two are terrific and offer a product that's truly changing the tiny house movement for the better!

Isabelle Nagel-Brice,

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~ There's more to framing than meets the eye. ~

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