How much do Volstrukt's frame kits cost?

Volstrukt's steel frame kits can cost anywhere from $5K to $150K, depending on size, load requirements, and several other options. For more details, it's best to schedule some time to chat with a Volstrukt project manager. 

What is the price per square foot?

Unlike traditional pricing per square foot, our framing costs are tailored to various factors including the amount of steel required, gauge of steel, stud thickness, and other project-specific details. For a personalized quote or to discuss your project needs in detail, please don't hesitate to contact our team directly.

Does Volstrukt offer financing?

At this time, we do not offer financing options directly through our business.

Where are we located?
Volstrukt is based in Austin, Texas, and ships projects throughout the US.
Does Volstrukt offer a product warranty?
Yes, every Volstrukt steel frames is backed by a 25-year Limited Warranty.
What is Volstrukt's process?

1. Schedule a meeting with a Volstrukt project manager. 

2. Select a design. You can choose from our selection of stock model frames or submit your own drawings for a custom frame.

3. Pay the deposit or design invoice to secure your spot in our project queue. For stock models, we charge a fee of $1/SQFT ($750 minimum), which will later be applied to the cost of your frame and materials. For custom design, we charge a fee of $1/SQFT. ($750 minimum), to account for our design team's time (excluding engineering if needed). We have a third-party engineer licensed in 48 states if engineering is required to build.

4. Upon receiving payment, we will send you the detailed drawings and other information related to your project. You'll then select your project deliverables, with optional items including: 
  • Framing Hardware & Assembly Package
  • Zip System Structural Wall R-Sheathing
  • Zip System Structural Roof Sheathing
  • Sheathing Installation Kit 
  • Windows + Doors
  • Siding + Roofing
  • Plus More

5. Send final payment. Upon finalizing your project deliverables, we will provide an invoice with a detailed price breakdown. Once we receive your final payment, your project will be sent to production.

6. Receive your Volstrukt frame kit. You can choose to pick up your frame kit directly from us, or we can work with our network of third-party carriers to arrange delivery. 

(Note that structures built on a permanent foundation may require permitting. We advise researching your local permitting process prior to project kick-off.)

What are the advantages of using steel frame construction?

Steel is highly durable, providing excellent structural integrity and resistance to fire, mold, pests, and rot. It allows for greater design flexibility, enabling larger open spaces, longer spans, and unique architectural features. Steel is a sustainable choice as it is recyclable and reduces the amount of wasted materials. Additionally, steel construction can be faster and more efficient, resulting in shorter build times and potentially lower labor costs.

What type of foundation does our framing go on?
For tiny homes, most customers opt for a trailer foundation. Otherwise, we can design your frame to be placed on a concrete slab, pier & beam foundation, skid, or other type of foundation.
Does Volstrukt offer custom design services?
While we have the ability to produce custom-designed steel frame kits, we assess all custom projects on a case-by-case basis to ensure we're the right fit. If the project is a good fit, we will design your frame, (engineer the frame if needed), and go through the production process as we would a stock frame design.
Are Volstrukt's frame drawings stamped by an engineer?

Volstrukt's stock frames have versions designed for regions with low and high load requirements if a seal and tailored calculations package are not required to build. If formal engineering is required for your project, we work with a third-party engineer licensed in 28 states for an additional fee & longer lead time. Our engineering team can review and stamp the foundation and/or frame design.

How do we deliver our frames?
Our pre-assembled steel frame kits are flat stacked on a third-party flatbed trailer & secured with Ratchet straps. Tiny house projects are delivered on the clients' trailer included with the order.
What is Volstrukt's shipping process?
Some of our client's prefer to pick-up their frame kit or cordinate the delivery on their end. As another option, we work with a handful of third-party carriers to facilitate client deliveries. Once your project is finalized and ready to leave our facility, we will request bids from these third-party carriers and relay that information to you. Once we agree to a rate and timeline, you'll receive an invoice for the full cost of shipping. Upon receiving payment from the client, we will make final arrangements for pick-up and delivery. During transit, we will provide you with daily updates. Upon arrival, clients must have 3-5 people available to assist with offloading the frame.
How much does shipping cost?

On average, the cost of shipping ranges from $2.50 to $5.00 per mile, depending on a few factors. Standard loads will range in the lower end of that estimate. Large oversized loads may require permitting for an additional fee, resulting in higher delivery costs.

Customers may make their own shipping arrangements, or choose to retrieve their frame themselves. Any outside arrangements must be clearly communicated to the Volstrukt team ahead of time so that we may be prepared.