Right-Sizing the Housing Revolution.

We are experts at creating agile spaces out of roll formed steel that assemble in hours.

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We've always been in the business of solving problems.

Back in 2010, we were building shopping centers and faced various challenges in the industry. We had to find a solution, so we turned to a new method called cold-rolled steel. Even though we hadn't used it before, we saw its potential. This technology could help us tackle more problems and open doors in the ever-changing world of retail construction. The industry was looking for adaptable spaces that were small, easy to move, environmentally friendly, reusable, and flexible. We also saw an opportunity to bring innovation to the traditional residential construction field, which had been relatively unchanging for over 25 years. That's when we decided to create Volstrukt.

At Volstrukt, we utilize the most advanced cold-form steel technology in the world. This technology perfectly aligns with the "rightsizing" revolution, which aims to create spaces that are just the right size and meet specific needs.


Marc McQuain

Co-Founder & CEO

Marc has thirty years of international retail and residential property experience and overseas development, strategic relationships and operations.

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Jayson Reese Laipenieks

Co-Founder & Director

Jayson leads operations, driving Volstrukt's operational excellence and strategic growth, working to ensure that we consistently exceed client and partner expectations.

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Peter Row


Peter is an international retail property professional who has been privileged to work on some of the world's leading shopping centers and airport projects.


Richard Kim


Richard leads our Partner company, Vindico Retail, and has overall responsibility for stakeholder outcomes.

We work with like-minded businesses who have made Volstrukt a part of what they produce and sell.
As integrators and resellers, we work closely with our preferred clients to offer their customers agile property solutions that are lighter, stronger, and more sustainable. 

We've worked with hundreds of the top builders and manufacturers throughout the US.

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