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Unlocking agility in an otherwise static residential development industry using precision-engineered, rapid-manufacture cold formed steel technology.

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Thirty years of global property development experience mixed with a driving passion and enthusiasm to find agile building solutions to serve our customers.

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Like-minded businesses across the United States with Volstrukt inside what they build, or on their dealership lots, and in their community development projects.

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" It's not always what you see going down the road when a pretty tiny house flies by that counts. Instead, it what's behind the walls that might be what really matters!

Check out the behind the scenes advancements of tiny house construction by Volstrukt! "


John Kernohan
United Tiny House Association




We have always been in the problem-solving business.  

In 2010, we solved a retail real estate problem with cold-rolled steel, a forming process we had not worked with prior to that installation.  We knew right away that this technology could take on more challenges and unlock opportunities in an evolving retail construction industry that is demanding agile spaces: small, relocatable, sustainable, reusable, flexible. We also knew we could join the movement to remodel the relatively static residential construction industry we had worked within for 25+ years. Therein, Volstrukt was formed.

Volstrukt uses the world's most advanced cold form steel technology to meet the needs of the "rightsizing" revolution.

From Tiny Shops.

Volstrukt was launched in 2015 by Marc McQuain and Peter Row, who by then had been business partners for thirteen years, having co-founded a successful retail real estate consultancy; Vindico.

Specializing in the field of tenant coordination and retail delivery, Vindico manages the interface between its clients’ shopping center and airport developments and the design and fit-out of the individual tenant spaces within them. Vindico has delivered over 9,000 shops and restaurants across three continents and is one of the world’s leading outsourced suppliers of retail delivery design and management.

It was on a retail development project in Abu Dhabi that we discovered the magic of cold form steel.

Vindico was supporting independent, local retailers grappling with the process of building shops inside a new building that replaced an ancient souk lost to fire. The big building and its tiny shops were not coming together well. The challenge was to introduce an additional structure that had the design flexibility to meet the unique needs of each shop, within tight deadlines and a budget no one saw coming.

The solution? Cold-formed, lightweight steel design and fabrication.

We solved the problem with lightweight steel.  But we didn’t stop there.  We saw the opportunity to use steel to create more responsive retail property footprints and to create small-format, relocatable retail shops.  Since 2011, our Partners in Dubai have used our Pocket Shop to introduce over eighty new brands in 200+ locations.

To Tiny Houses.

Marc returned to the United States from Dubai in 2014.

Settling in Austin, TX for the quality of its schools, entrepreneurial vibe and access to international shipping routes in equal measure, the plan was to import and distribute our tiny steel shops.  We realized that we needed direct control of the design and manufacturing, so we invested in a warehouse and the world’s leading cold form steel system by Framecad (out of New Zealand).

Focused on our retail agenda, we initially ignored the trickle of referrals from people wanting to build their tiny house frames out of steel.  What is a "tiny house", anyway? Marc investigated and raised an eyebrow when learning that traditional, static timber structures were being put on trailers in houses that move: tiny houses on wheels.

We again saw an opportunity to solve problems with steel, by making tiny house frames that were lighter and stronger than timber, but more importantly, properly engineered for this fast growing residential format.

Volstrukt changed gears and a year later emerged as the tiny house industry’s leading specialist provider of lightweight steel framing and shells.

Forces are at play in the retail and residential real estate market that are driving a common shift to smaller, relocatable, reusable, sustainable, flexible spaces.  

The rightsizing revolution is happening, and Volstrukt is framing the revolution in cold form steel.


Read more about how we introduced cold form steel technology to to the USA tiny house movement in Turning Tiny, a collection of stories from some of the most renowned tiny house thought leaders and luminaries including Volstrukt Co-founder & CEO, Marc McQuain.

Volstrukt | Our Team | Austin Texas | June 2017





" Really welcoming and thorough, passionate about their product. Framing with structural integrity."


Isabelle Nagel-Brice
Honey House | #volstruktinside







Marc McQuain

Co-Founder & CEO

Marc has thirty years of international retail and residential property experience and overseas development, strategic relationships and operations.


Zac Siegler

Operations Manager

Zac guides customers and partners through the custom design process and manages channel relationships in the Volstrukt partner programme.


Shane Winkler

Production Manager

Utilizing over 10 years of construction and building experience, Shane manages production, safety and inventory in our shop.


Mitch Kobitz

Chief Designer

Mitch has a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology and leads the Design team on translating customer concepts into engineered framing.


Aren Montgomery

Production Foreman


MJ Laipenieks

Customer Success

M.J. moved from California to Texas for work opportunities. He is the first step in a new project, think of him as the Volstrukt Help Desk.


Alex Orfanos

Production Worker

Alex is one of our builders and also our cameraman. He has a background in film making and studied communications at Texas State.


Chris Rutledge

Production Worker

Chris is a dedicated and skilled worker with 10 years of construction experience. No task is too big or too small for Chris.



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We partner with like minded businesses who have made Volstrukt a part of what they produce and sell.
As integrators and resellers, we work closely with our partners to offer their customers agile property solutions that are lighter, stronger and more sustainable. 

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