A Build System To Get Ahead

By producing our units as kits we utilize the benefits of online purchasing power and fulfillment while avoiding the challenges of offsite construction. You can have your contractor assemble the kit or we can ship you a dried-in unit. Either way, we reduce labor costs due to a combination of carefully selected building materials combined with the precision of the lightweight steel framing system.  We supply factory assembled wall and roof panels that are easy to erect so you can have a trading retail unit in less than 90 days. Our material-lead designs and master materials list ensures there is minimal uncertainty throughout the building process.

Precision With Interchangeability

The precision that comes from our computer-aided design provides speed and longevity in a fraction of the time. Our optimized framing method and material selection combined with partial pre-assembly moves home construction towards home assembly. This will radically lower the cost of a build, project complexity, and the skilled labor required to build a mobile retail unit. Every brand has a different dedicated cost of construction. Our kits help our customers pick a design and build to a style that matches their brand and budget.

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Carson Tatlis

Colorado, USA

“I have really been pleased that I switched to metal framing versus wood. There are a lot of benefits, the biggest one being weight on a tiny house. It was good to work with Marc and Jayson, using the engineer on finalizing structure. Especially, since I had designed something that they hadn't attempted yet. Everyone who has seen my framing is amazed and many people are thinking of switching to metal framing from wood. I have nothing but great things to say about Volstrukt!”