Get Started With a Tiny House Kit

Ideal for contractors looking to streamline the building process, or first-time DIY'ers interested in a simple, straightforward solution. 



Tiny House Kits Can Include:

• Tiny House Trailer

• Trailer Subfloor + Insulation Kit

• Pre-assembled Steel Framing (including walls, roof & loft)

• Assembly Hardware + Strapping

• Sheathing + Fasteners

Designs to Get Ahead

By shipping our houses as kits we utilize the benefits of online purchasing power and fulfillment while avoiding the challenges of offsite construction. You can assemble the home yourself...or hire a contractor. No home-building experience is needed. Either way, we reduce labor costs due to a combination of carefully selected building materials combined with the precision of the lightweight steel framing system.  We supply engineered, factory assembled wall and roof panels that are easy to erect so you can have a habitable home in less than 30 days. Our material-lead-designs and master materials list ensures there is minimal uncertainty throughout the framing process.

Precision with Interchangeablity

The precision that comes from our computer-aided design provides speed and longevity in a fraction of the time. Our optimized framing method and material selection combined with partial pre-assembly moves home construction towards home assembly. This will radically lower the cost of a build, project complexity, and the skilled labor required to build a home. Every household has a different 30% dedicated cost of living. Our kits help our customers pick a design and build to a style of living that matches their lifestyle.

Our Most Popular Tiny House Models

the Jimmy

Available sizes: 20', 24' & 28' x 8'

The JIMMY is a go-to tiny house design that maximizes interior head room with a shed style roof. Design simplicity makes it a favorite for DIY'ers.

the Chantey

Available sizes: 20', 24' & 28' x 8'

The CHANTEY is our version of what most imagine when thinking of a tiny home. A simple gable design with dormers over the sleeping loft.

the Trailblazer

Available sizes: 20', 24' & 28' x 8'

The TRAILBLAZER offers the same simplicity as the Jimmy, but with a few upgraded features. Let the sunlight in with charming double French doors, and an ample amount of windows.

the Springs

Available sizes: 20', 24' & 28' x 8'

The SPRINGS is spacious and functional, offering 200 sq. ft. on the main level, a 65 sq. ft. loft plus a 100 sq. ft. roof top deck to take in the views.

the Henger

Available sizes: 32' & 34' x 10'

The HENGER has the style and charm of a modern farmhouse. French doors invite you into a spacious living and dining area ideal for entertaining. 

the Regan

Available sizes: 28' & 32' x 10'

The REGAN is a retreat from reality with a spacious, open concept living area. With plenty of windows, you can enjoy the breathtaking view wherever your travels take you.

Finished Tiny House Kits

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You choose the home design, package, and level of finishes that match your lifestyle.


Your design is added to our production queue and we begin to coordinate delivery schedules.


All materials needed are delivered to site in sequential order on a schedule that works for you.


Whether you're doing it yourself or hiring a team, assembly is quick, easy, and efficient.

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