An iconic tiny house.

With an engineered lightweight steel frame.


We work with the owners of a growing range of the best known and most sought after tiny home designers to engineer a Volstrukt frame into their designs.


So, if you want to build an iconic design on the industry's leading lightweight steel framing solution, now you can.


Miter Box

by Shelter Wise

This labor of love was the Shelter Wise team's first attempt at bringing their passion to life in 2012 and has become a model Tiny Home. Named “The Miter Box” because it is a work of precision with much attention paid to the finer details.

The Volstrukt frame faithfully recreates the Miter Box and comes with a set of architetural drawings.

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by Andrew & Gabriella Morrison

Andrew and Gabriella Morrison are the creators of “hOMe”, the 207 SF (+110 SF in lofts) modern tiny house on wheels. They live and work in hOMe full time, off grid, and debt free. With the extra time and money that they have they travel and enjoy time together as a family.

Sometimes knows as "The Morrison", this pioneering tiny house has been the inspiration for dozens of tiny homers since. We are proud to have designed an engineered lightweight steel frame for this home, which comes with a licensed set of architectural plans.

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Cider Box

by Shelter Wise

The Cider Box Tiny House was designed by Shelter Wise to fit a whole lot of house into a compact package with many customizable options. The non-traditional “double shed” roof line adds more space, dimension and intrigue, and clears the way for light to stream in through strategically placed clerestory windows, optional skylights, and full glass doors. It’s a great design for couples and small families because it can accommodate two separate sleeping lofts, a full kitchen, and space for laundry.

Volstrukt offers frames for both 20' and 24' Cider Box designs, with options to include optional skylights. The lightweight steel frame is available direct, or as an option when you buy a completed Cider Box direct from Shelter Wise.

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Miller House

by Macy Miller

Idaho architect Macy Miller was an early and passionate convert to the tiny house movement. She started designing her tiny home in 2011 and has been living in it since early 2013 with her partner, James, two children and a great dane! The 196 sq ft home, and the life story behind it, has spawed a legion of admirers who have learned from Macy's journey and followed suit.

It is an honour to bring our cold rolled steel technology to create a lighter, engineered structural frame for designs that defined the tiny house movement. This frame is available in is original 24' base design, and comes with a licensed set of archietural plans

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Salsa Box

by Shelter Wise

The Shelter Wise Salsa Box is a 96 sq. ft. instant cabin designed to be efficient, durable and budget-friendly. It is a cozy, compact cabin with a queen sized bed and lots of creative nooks and crannies for storage. The Salsa Box was originally built as an instructional model to give workshop students a clear look at each of the steps involved in building a Tiny Home. It also includes a cute little Living Roof over the porch.

One of the key benefits of a cold rolled steel frame is its weight. For smaller tiny homes such as this, weight - without compromising structural integrity - is important. Volstukt's Sala Box frame is avilable direct, with licensed set of architectural drawings, or as an option when you buy the built-out version from Shelter Wise.

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“We chose to hire Volstrukt to construct our framework so that we could save a ton of time and effort. Overall the steel frame is amazingly easy to work with and we are waaaaay happy we chose Volstrukt to help us! My husband and I have childhood exposure to construction and some do it yourself, but we knew that the framework would be a pretty big obstacle for time and energy for a 34 foot-long house. We are ever so grateful for Volstrukt assisting us by designing and constructing our frame. Thank you!”

Want your icon engineered?

Whether you are building for yourself, or building for others, and you want to create your own version of one of these iconic designs - talk to us. Our cold rolled steel frames add engineered precision and take out weight from your frame. Get started by telling us more about your tiny home situation, or just get in touch. And if you are the owner of an iconic tiny home and want to talk about a lightweight steel frame option, let's chat.

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