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We have been lightweight steel specialists since 2010 offering framing solutions for modular retail, mobile retail, tiny homes on wheels, ADUs, Garages, Homes <2,000sqft, and many other unique projects. Our framing system is very flexible and can be applied to many different project types. Feel free to contact us for a quote on your project. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same as the metal studs from my local hardware store?
The short answer is no. What you’ll find at any hardware store will be pre-rolled dimensional metal studs. They are usually 25 gauge aluminum rated at 33Ksi (kilopounds per square inch) and more commonly known as speed track. Certain builder suppliers will stock 20 gauge steel studs at 33KSI in pre-rolled dimensions. This type of stud is commonly used for non-load-bearing studs in commercial applications or other unique cases. It could be used by an average carpenter who has a pair of tin snips and some self-tapping screws, but it is nothing like the structural, machine-manfactured framing that we can produce for your project. Once we have designed the frame for your project, we with a 1-ton coil of flat premium-grade (55ksi) steel and run it through the world’s most advanced cold-rolling machine. It bends it, punches holes, dimples, and swages the steel in all of the necessary places according to your approved drawings. The 1mm tolerance of the machine means that what you see in the drawings and 3D concept is exactly what you get. Straight, square and accurate, every time.
Does the frame have to be put on a trailer?

We can design your steel frame to be built on a traditional concrete slab, pier & beam, skid, or other foundations as well.

Can your framing be used in a small home?
Yes, we are capable of rolling steel frame kits for small homes and accessory dwellings under 1200 sq ft. Our existing small home designs can be customized to your specifications, and/or we can work with your architect to produce a frame to fit into existing plans.
What about thermal bridging?

In order to combat the conductivity of the steel, the recommended procedure is to install a polystyrene or polyiso foam board on the exterior of your frame. This will make sure that there is minimal heat or cold transfer through the steel. We offer insulated sheathing packages and other alternative products to help with other phases your project.

I want a steel frame in my tiny house but I want a builder to build it!

We have a growing list of builders who either have built with Volstrukt inside their homes, or who are familiar with our framing. If you have a builder in mind we are happy to talk with them about how our steel framing kits can speed up the process and increase the value of your home.

I’ve got my own design. Can Volstrukt frame it?

Absolutely. We’re happy to help turn your dream into a reality. For custom work we ask for a non-refundable custom design fee that goes towards design and drafting time. It can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to come to a finalized design, depending on the overall complexity of the project and the number of revisions.

What is an ADU?
ADU stands for Accessory Dwelling Unit. An Accessory Dwelling Unit is an additional dwelling on a lot with an existing residential structure. We produce steel frames to form the structure of a backyard house or studio.
How much will my custom design cost?

It's hard to say, we would need a dimensional drawing to get you a formal quote. We can provide you with a ballpark estimate based on your drawings, but this is not a constant number. We are as keen as you to make each custom design process as efficient as we can. 

Can you supply me with a trailer / foundation for a tiny home?
Yes. We can help facilitate the sale of a trailer for your tiny house foundation but we do not produce the trailer nor warranty the work. We will supply you with the trailer produced by one of our several trusted tiny house trailer suppliers if requested. If you do not purchase a trailer with us, be sure to do your homework, most trailers are not tiny-house friendly or can cause issues when it comes to anchoring the tiny home.
Do I arrange my own shipping?

We can ship panels anywhere in the contiguous 48 states. With the right amount of planning, we can usually manage to get 3-4 houses on one load. This allows us to split the cost amongst the various houses, ultimately saving you money. This all depends on your timeline and our production schedule. We can also assist you arrange your own shipping if you prefer.

How will I receive my frame?

We will ship the frame to you in pre-assembled panels, which basically consist of the walls, a roof, and/or anything else in your frame drawings. More intricate designs utilize more panels, but the assembly is all the same. The frame may come either in a palletized crate or stacked on a trailer, depending on how many structures are heading your general direction.

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